Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February Photo Challenge Day 29

So here it is,the last day of the challenge. I had so much fun trying to keep up with this challenge and it certainly gave me something to focus on.

29. Something you're listening to

The quiet whilst this little one slept.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

February Photo Challenge Day 28

I've had so much fun doing this challenge,can't believe it is nearly over. Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim has posted March already and I can't wait to get stuck into that. 

28. Money

What change I have in my purse

Monday, 27 February 2012

February Photo Challenge Day 26&27

26. Night

Night time in Cleveleys. Horrible,cold rainy night
27. Something you ate

Caramel rice pudding. Yummy! Of course Grace had to have a taste and she loved it too.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

February Photo Challenge Day 21-25

Playing catch up once again.

21. A fave photo of you

Me and my nan. This is one of the few pictures I've got of us together. She sadly passed away in 2010,2 weeks after Grace was born. She never got to meet her.
22. Where you work

24/7! I didn't realise how hard it would be being a stay at home mum.

23. Your shoes

My everyday shoes. Primark - £9

24.Inside your bathroom cabinet

This is my bathroom cabinet. There isnt much space in the bathroom so I bought this and hung it over the door. Saves loads of space and easy to get to.   

25. Green

This smells gorgeous.

Monday, 20 February 2012

February Photo Challenge Day 20

I love doing this challenge,it's given me something to focus on.

20. Handwriting

My handwriting changes all the time. I think it depends what pen i'm using aswell

Sunday, 19 February 2012

February Photo Challenge Day 16-19

Playing catch up again!

16. Something new

Bought this from Primark the other day. Bargain at £1.50!
17. Time

Gorgeous watch bought by my friend for me for christmas.
18. Drink

This is all I drink right now. So tasty.

19. Somthing you hate to do

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

February Photo Challenge Day 13-15

13. Blue

BLUE SKY! It was nice to open the curtains this morning and see this. I wish summer would hurry up already.

14. Heart

Me and my partner decided not to do anything for valentine's day. This is a candle handle that I bought ages ago. It so cute.

15. Phone

This is my life. Samsung Galaxy S. I cant be without it and if I misplace it I panic. Silly right?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

February Photo Challenge Day 8-12

I knew that I would get get behind as soon as I started this. 

Here's a catch up for 8-12

8. Sun

There has been NO sun where I live for days. Just horrible rain. This is from a clock that my brother brought back from his holiday last year. I'd love to be sitting watching that scene.
9. Front Door

My front door from inside.
10. Self Potrait

This picture was taken last year at Grace's christening.

11. Makes You Happy 

I love this! I can watch it all the time and never get bored. My faveorite episode is TOW The Truth About London with fun aunt Rachel. Always has me laughing so hard!

12. Inside your closet

Inside my closet. My clothes go from going out dresses,summer tops,winter tops,cardigans. The other clothes that dont fit in here are in a chest of drawers. Ive got loads more in the drawers under my bed.

R.I.P Whitney Houston

A true talent,gone so suddenly.

1963 - 2012

Rest In Peace 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

February Photo Challenge Day 7

Im sorry this is a day late. I take the pictures then forget to upload!

7. Button

I sometimes wish life had a pause button. Just so I can take a breath and take everything in that is happening.

I dont have day 8 as the sun wasnt out today. I'm going in town tomorrow with my sister so hopefully if the sun is out I can get some nice pictures by the sea.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Nail Polish Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Vee at Love Lipstick And Glitter 
Here are the rules:

You have to answer all 10 questions
You have to pass this on to 5 other bloggers
Let the other bloggers know you’ve tagged them by leaving them a comment

Let’s get into it!

How many nail polishes do you have?

I have 144! And there are so many more that I want right now!

What is you favorite brand of nail polish?

O.P.I! Defiantly my faveourite.

Do you like Crackle polish or do you hate it?

I like it. You can update a worn mani with it and sometimes it's really pretty.

What brand was your first nail polish?

I didnt get into nail polish until I was older and could afford. I think it was probably the polishes from Bodycare. The Technic ones. Only 99p!

If you were going to have a nail polish line what would you call it?

I would say Angelica but someone has already taken that. So i'll go with Grace B. My beautiful little girls name.

What nail polish color doesn’t compliment you?

Black. I can do black tips. If I do wear it everyone is really surprised. It just washes me out.

Name 2 of your best nail art finds.

Acrylic paint. Thanks to Leslie,it is alot easier to do nail art. I can only think of one!

What was the best nail polish gift you have received?

Any type of nail polish gift is the best present!

Make a speech thanking the blogger who tagged you!

Vee,thanks for tagging me! Ive never been tagged before! And i think i have a long way to go to catch up to the amount of nail polishes you have.

Tag! You’re it!
Jane @ Nailside

Monday, 6 February 2012

February Photo Challenge Day 6

6. Dinner

Todays dinner isnt any thing really exciting. Im currently on the Slim Fast diet which is a shake in the morning and lunch. This flavour is gorgeous though!

NOTD - Room For More Glitter

I have become obsessed with glitter nail polishes lately. I paint my nails then have to put a glitter on top. When I thought of trying these two polishes together I thought it would look horrible but what I ended up with was beautiful.

Sinful Colors - Pinky Glitter is gorgeous! Even though this looks pink it has a really sheer pink nearly clear base. Its full of holographic sparkles and is gorgeous when the sun hits it.

What I Used

Barry M - Mushroonm
Sinful Colors - Pinky Glitter

Sunday, 5 February 2012

February Photo Challenge Day 5

Today's picture

5. 10am

My 10am picture. It says 17 but my bedroom felt more like -50!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

February Photo Challenge Day 1-4

So today is something completely different to nails! Even though I'm a few days behind I'm going to be doing  February photo a day challenge created by Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim

Here's the challenge.

To get me caught up here's 1 - 4.

1. Your View Today

Today like every other day is being spent watching cbeebies with my little girl. I think i'm beginning to like it more than her.
2. Words

I love receiving letters in the post,todays letter is from my best friend who lives in Hereford. We used to write to each other years ago but then technology got the way so I decided to start writing again. I always find it therapeutic.
3. Hands

My hand.
 4. A Stranger

The very nice delivery man who kindly let my boyfriend take his picture.

If you are doing the challenge link me. I love seeing the other picture that people have taken.

Friday, 3 February 2012

NOTD - Glitter Overload

Today's nails are courtesy of my sister. These were done a couple of days ago
She is always asking me to paint her nails and said I could do what I want. 
I felt like doing something girly so this is what I came up with.
It was late at night so I couldn't get any decent pictures.

What I Used

Barry M - Nail Effects - Foil
Nubar - Star Sparkle
Barry M - Nails Effects - Pink Crackle