Saturday, 31 March 2012

Max Factory - Fantasy Fire

After reading a few blog post about this nail polish I thought I'd go and buy it and see what the fuss was. It was so hard to find,I went into Boots and Superdrug a number of times trying to find it. I finally found it in Superdrug. This tiny little bottle (5ml) cost £3.99, at first I wasn't to sure about spending that much on such a small bottle but I ended up buying. 

Check out that gorgeous colour on my thumb!

Be aware though when I first tired it I had to apply 4 coats! It is very sheer and I would recommend applying over another polish. I decided to try it over Barry M - Vivid Purple and my oh my it looks gorgeous.

In the light this flashes from red,gold,blue and green.

I think next time I use this I'll layer it. There is too much prettiness in that bottle to waste.



  1. Ooh this combination looks gorgeous! I tried Fantasy Fire over pale pink and it's such a pretty lilac x

    1. Thanks! its one of them polishes that looks gorgeous over anything i think x