Friday, 10 June 2011

Pastel Skittles

Hello everyone!

So yesterday I was looking through my nail varnish collection and I couldn't decide what colour to paint my nails so I thought I'd go for a combination.

Taste The Rainbow 

 What I Used

1. W7 - 61 Spearmint
2. Barry M - 309 Pale Pink
3. Barry M - 295 Turquoise
4. Barry M - 307 Lemon Ice Cream
5 - Barry M - 308 Berry Ice Cream

Also the nail on my middle finger broke! It had a slight tear in it so I did the tea bag wrap in the hope it would grow out and would be fine. Today though I was closing my wardrobe door and it tore more.
There was no saving it!
so I had to take it off

It's so short!! I'm going to have to put a falsie on till it decides to grow back!

Speak soon.

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  1. This happened to me once in college, while next to a load of lads, I was nearly in tears while they seriously took the piss! HATE having short nails though, they look so ugly! I put a plaster over mine haha, how pathetic! xx