Wednesday, 4 May 2011


The teething refers to my little baby girl not me,bless her. She has another tooth coming through and it is causing her a lot of pain,also she is just getting over a cold so she is really going through it. I have had no time to post or even paint my nails. I thought I would sneak a quick post in whilst she was sleeping.

 I can't believe how horribly short my nails are at the moment. They keep breaking and tearing,in really weird ways aswell so I cant even save them. I'm thinking of wearing some false nails till they start growing but last time I did that my nails were so horrible after I took them off.

warning naked nails ahead 

 Horrible aren't they! Any ideas what I could do?
Also in the post today I finally received my package from Born Pretty. I've seen alot of blogs that use Bundle Monster or Konad and I thought I would it a try. I came across Born Pretty after reading someone's blog(I can't for the life of me remember whose blog it was) and decided to buy a set of 12 stamp plates with a stamper. I'll be doing a review of them hopefully tomorrow.

Speak soon 

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